During an Ebola outbreak people are desperate for cure. They move from one hospital to the next in hope for help. Unfortunately treatment centers are often overfilled.

The problem is that an infected person moving in search for care, greatly enhances the risk of contaminating others.
The Digital Queue project is a platform that removes the physical queue by making it digital.
From home, with a simple 1-800 call anyone suspected of Ebola can safely queue for treatment in all hospitals, clinics and NGO camps in the region.During the digital queue, people receive daily check up calls to monitor their current status as well as information on home treatment. This network generates valuable exchange of information with which helps us prioritizing patients by the stage of each case and better manage the outbreak.When it is time to be treated a specialized crew will escort the patient to the nearest treatment facility.

Turning a physical queue in digital one is a simple idea, but it can make the difference when dealing with Ebolavirus.
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